How to Replace the Headlight Switch on a Chrysler Town & Country

by Matt Scheer

The headlight switch on your Chrysler Town & Country operates the low and high beams and the turn signals. If any of these functions aren't working, you may need to replace the headlight switch. Fortunately, the Chrysler Town & Country's interior design makes this process easy. Only one exterior part--the steering column bezel--needs to be removed, but no special tools are required for the task which should take less than 30 minutes to do.

Prop open the hood of your Town & Country.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and wait 10 minutes for the electrical components to discharge to prevent accidental deployment of the airbag.

Remove the two screws holding the two halves of the steering column bezel together then pull the bezel away from the steering column.

Reach below the column at the junction of the column and the headlight switch for the clip mounting the two together. Pull on the clip to disengage it while holding the loose headlight switch so that it does not jerk away and pull on the wiring harness still attached to it.

Pull the wiring harness off of the back of the headlight switch.

Plug the wiring harness into the replacement headlight switch, mount the headlight switch in its position on the steering column and engage the retaining clip to remount the bezel.

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