How to Replace the Sunroof on a Lexus 400H

by John Johnston

Having a fully functioning sunroof on your Lexus 400H can be great on a warm summer's day. Constant use can cause parts of the sunroof to break down and become damaged. When this occurs you will need to replace it with a new one. Replacing the sunroof on your Lexus is a task that will take the better part of an afternoon to complete. You can order a sunroof for your Lexus model from your local auto supply store.

Raise the hood and disconnect the cable from the negative terminal on the battery using a socket wrench.

Use the wrench to remove the bolts attached to the sunroof glass pane clamps. Remove the clamps and lift the glass out of the frame. Use a sharp blade to cut away the rubber trim from around the sunroof. Make a slit in the trim and work your way around the frame, pulling the trim away with your fingers.

Remove the screws attaching the headliner and wind deflector to the sunroof using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift them both away from the sunroof. Remove the mounting bolts that attach the sunroof to the vehicle rooftop. Apply a layer of sealant remover on to the seals around the edge of the sunroof. Wait 30 minutes for the remover to loosen the seals.

Use a rubber mallet to carefully dislodge the sunroof frame, then remove it from the roof opening.

Position the new sunroof into the opening and secure it in place by attaching new mounting bolts. Apply a layer of sunroof sealant around the frame to secure it in place. Wait 30 minutes for the seal to set.

Place the new headliner and wind deflector on to the sunroof and secure them in place with their screws. Place new trim around the edge of the sunroof and secure it in place using the clips provided in the kit.

Fit the new glass pane into the sunroof frame. Place the clamps back over the glass and secure in place by tightening their bolts. Reattach the negative cable on the battery terminal.

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