How to Remove a Car Door Window

by Jennifer Long

One of the more frequent problems that can occur with a car window is when the arm that holds the window and allows it to move up and down is not working properly. The window can jump out of the tracking of this arm. You may also find that you have damaged glass that needs to be replaced and you will need to remove the remainder of the window to do that.

Step 1

Remove the inside door panel screws that are located in the arm rest in the well for the inside door handle, and the speakers if you have one or all of these items. Depending on the type of vehicle that you have, these screws could require the use of a simple flat head or a Phillips-head screwdriver, a socket set or a set of Allen wrenches. Roll down the window. You will also need to remove the window crank and unscrew the lock lever, if applicable.

Step 2

Use the flat head screwdriver to help pry the door panel open enough so that you can determine what type of securing clips are being used. Different types of cars will have different types of securing clips. Some will with have simple pop-in plastic clips, while others will use a combination of plastic clips and metal slide clips.

Step 3

Remove one section of the door panel at a time, starting from the upper right corner and working your way down to the lower right corner. Repeat this process for the left side of the door panel. If your car also uses metal sliding clips, these will be the securing clips that will hold the top horizontal section of the door panel to the door frame.

Step 4

Remove the bottom horizontal portion of the door panel.

Step 5

Grab the right and left sides of the door panel about halfway down and push up to release the top portion from the metal sliding clips. Set the door panel aside.

Step 6

Remove the water shield, if there is one present, by gently peeling it off the door frame.

Step 7

Remove the bolts or screws that are connected to any brackets that hold the glass in the window channel of the lifter assembly.

Step 8

Slide the glass upward carefully until it has cleared the channel of the lifter assembly. Slowly slide the window out through the bottom of the door frame at an angle. Now you are ready to repair what is needed.

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