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How to Replace the Starter Relay in a Dodge Intrepid

by Contributor

The starter relay, located in the power distribution box near the battery in the engine compartment, helps regulate the flow of electrical current to and from the starter motor. If your Dodge Intrepid won't start, then you may have a damaged or loose starter relay. These instructions relate to a 1998 model and may vary for other model years.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery or you run the risk of an accidental electrical surge that could hurt you or cause costly damage to your Dodge Intrepid.

Step 2

Remove the power distribution box cover, once you have ruled out other possible reasons for the malfunction. Confirm the location of your starter relay, which should be in the cavity designated as #8 on your box diagram.

Step 3

Unplug the starter relay and set it aside. Verify that all of the relay wires connect completely to the starter relay socket and that they don't accidentally touch at their ends.

Step 4

Clean or repair any area of the relay or power distribution box, as needed. Plug in your replacement starter relay into the empty relay socket.

Replace the power distribution box cover and reconnect the battery. Try to start your Dodge Intrepid to see if the new relay corrected the malfunction.


  • Always make certain any relay replacement fits securely within its relay socket, as current running through a loose relay can cause the relay to overheat and the outer relay casing or relay box cover to melt.


  • Never insert higher capacity relays or replacement wires into an empty relay socket to temporarily "fix" a relay-related malfunction, as these methods can cause an electrical overload that can start a fire or damage wiring.

Items you will need

  • Owner's manual
  • Replacement starter relay

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