How to Replace a Starter in a C4 Corvette

by Ashton Daigle
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The Corvette C4 was a model manufactured by Chevrolet from 1984 through 1996. The C4 was marked by a convertible roof and a high-powered 405-horsepower engine. If your C4 doesn't start and the battery has been tested and is good, your starter may be out. Replacement starters can be bought at either the dealership or your local auto parts retailer. Installation will take one to two hours. The starter is located underneath your C4, close to the oil pan.

Step 1

Put the emergency brake on and jack up your C4. Slip jack stands underneath the frame and lower the car on them. Also pop your hood and remove the negative battery cable with a socket set.

Step 2

Access your C4's starter by sliding underneath the driver's side of the car. The starter on your C4 will be located just to the left of the oil drain pan. It will be bell-shaped.

Step 3

Remove the wire running to the starter's solenoid with the socket set. Also remove the wire running to the starter. Mark one of the wires with tape so that you do not cross the wires when you install the new starter

Step 4

Remove the two retaining bolts at the base of the starter with the socket set. Hold the starter in place firmly with one hand while you loosen the bolts with the other. Although starters are small, they can be deceptively heavy. Once the bolts are loose pull the old starter away from its mounting area.

Step 5

Set the new starter in place and start the bolts by hand. Finish tightening the bolts with the socket set.

Step 6

Replace the marked wire to the new starter's solenoid. Attach the other wire directly to the starter terminal. Tighten the connections with the socket set.

Step 7

Replace negative battery cable. Remove jack stands and lower your C4 down.

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