How to Change the Starter in a 1993 Honda Accord

by Marion Cobretti
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When the ignition key is turned into the run position, the starter engages the flywheel on the engine and turns it to set the engine in motion. If the pinion fails to retract from the flywheel, severe damage leading to complete starter malfunction will result. A jammed starter repeatedly tries to engage the engine and produces a loud whirling sound. The starter can overheat, and cause additional mechanical and electrical problems on the Accord. On the 1993 Honda Accord, the starter mounts on the lower front of the engine on the right or left side.

Step 1

Lift and properly support the hood on the Accord. Use a socket-wrench to loosen and remove the negative battery cable, followed by the positive cable.

Step 2

Raise the car with a car jack on the front passenger side, just behind the tire on the frame rail. Place your jack stand 2 inches away from the car jack on the right side. Lift the support arm on the jack stand until it contacts the frame rail, then return the locking pin to the arm to secure it.

Step 3

Pull the harness wires out of the clip at the base of the starter gently and push them to the side.

Step 4

Lift the rubber cap covering the large black wire mounted to the side of the starter, then remove the nut holding the wire in place with your socket wrench and slide the wire off its stud. Twist the nut back onto the starter--the new starter will have its own nut.

Step 5

Label each of the wires connected to the solenoid with white painter’s tape, so you remember their locations. Remove the nut securing the solenoid’s power wire and take the wire off its stud. The other solenoid wire is a push-on wire: remove the wire by grasping its rubber boot, then pull it straight off.

Step 6

Remove the upper mounting bolt at the base of the starter first with a socket-wrench. When you remove the bolt, save the harness clip attached to it because it holds the harness wires and should be reinstalled later.

Step 7

Support the starter with your free hand, then remove the lower mounting bolt. Slide the starter to the left 2 inches, and lower it down from its mounting position.

Step 8

Install the new starter by reversing the steps used to remove the old starter. Tighten the starter’s mounting bolts to 32 foot-lbs. with a 3/8-inch drive torque wrench. Connect the positive “+” battery cable first, followed by the negative “-” battery cable.

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