How to Replace the Starter Motor Relay in a Lincoln Navigator

by Editorial Team

If your 2005 Lincoln Navigator won't start, then you may have a damaged or broken starter relay. Relays regulate high current devices, such as the starter and associated electrical system. They stop working if they become loose or damaged or solder joints and contact points on the relay circuit board have become worn or cracked.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery as certain fuses and relays in your Lincoln Navigator manage high current levels that during a surge or accidental metallic connection can cause burns or wiring damage.

Step 2

Open the passenger side trim panel to expose the passenger side fuse/relay box. Remove the fuse/relay box cover by placing the "PULL" tab between your finger and thumb and pulling the cover up and off the housing.

Step 3

Locate your Lincoln Navigator's starter relay located in the bottom right corner of the fuse/relay box. On your fuse/relay diagram it's designated #101 (the first of the bottom three relays located in that corner).

Step 4

Pull the relay from its socket and inspect it and the socket for damage, dirt or corrosion. Clean or repair the relay, socket or box fuse/relay housing as needed and check the socket pins for damage, such as bent areas or irregular pin height.

Step 5

Replace your starter relay (30A maxi-sized relay). Make certain the relay fits securely in its socket, as current running through a loose relay can potentially melt the relay's outer casing, fuse/relay box cover and trim panel.

Step 6

Return the fuse/relay box cover by covering the top of the box first and then pushing down on the bottom until you hear a click. Once you have covered the box, replace the passenger side trim panel, reconnect the battery and then start your Lincoln Navigator to confirm the new relay works.

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