How to Replace a Relay in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Vehicles uses several relays. A relay is a remote switch that is located under the hood. The relay has a power wire from the battery to supply power, a wire to the accessory, a ground wire and a smaller wire to a switch inside the cab of the Vehicles. If the relay is grounded and you turn the switch on--say Vehicles the air conditioning--the switch closes the circuit on the relay and turns the component on (in this case, the air compressor) by allowing power from the battery to get to the air compressor.

Under The Hood:

 How to Replace a Relay in a Kia Spectra

Unplug the battery before replacing any relays in your Kia Spectra. Although the plug-in/cartridge style relays pull out easily, you need to check the relay panel and box for damage, dirt and corrosion and possibly make repairs. Disconnecting the battery can protect you and your vehicle from power surges and damage.

Remove the fuse/relay box cover from either the engine compartment fuse/relay box or the driver-side knee bolster box. To remove the cover, you must push in the cover locking tabs. Turn the cover over to review a diagram of the interior of the box that outlines the location, name and capacity of each relay. If you still feel uncertain about the a specific relay's location, refer to your Kia Spectra owner's manual.

Pull out the appropriate relay and check the relay socket and box housing for damage, dirt or corrosion and clean or repair it, if needed.

Push your new relay into the empty socket, reconnect the battery and see if the relay corrected your electrical system-related issue.

Items you will need

  • Manual

  • Replacement relay

  • Magnifying glass (optional)

  • Soldering tools (optional)

 How to Replace the Relay on a Montero Sport

Lift the cover off the relay box. The relay box on the Montero Sport is usually located on the driver's side of the engine compartment, near the fenderwell. The cover could be held on with plastic tabs or screws. If equipped with plastic tabs, either push in on the tabs or pry the outside tabs open with the pliers.

Locate the relay you wish to change by reading the inside of the relay box cover. It maps out the relays and fuses contained in the relay box.

Pull the relay out of its plug with your fingers. If you are not strong enough to pull it out with your fingers, use needle nose pliers to grip it and pull it out. Note the direction of the legs on the relay.

Insert the new relay, paying attention to the direction of the legs. The relay will go in only one way, but if you try to insert it wrong, you could bend one of the legs (terminals).

Items you will need

  • Needle nose pliers (optional)

 How to Replace a Relay in a Dodge Durango

Confirm the type of relay you need to replace in your Dodge Durango. Find the location of the relay associated to your malfunctioning device by referring to the diagrams/relay keys under the latching covers of the two power distribution centers. These centers are located on the left side of the engine compartment and on the inside snap-in cover of the left driver's side, kick panel surrounding the fuse block.

Disconnect the battery. If you don't disconnect the battery, you run the risk of an accidental electrical surge that could hurt you or cause costly damage to your vehicle.

Access the necessary fuse/relay compartment and unplug your relay. Check the relay and area for dirt, corrosion or damage. Clean, fix or repair any area, as needed.

Plug your new replacement relay into the relay socket. Confirm that the relay fits securely as current running through a loose relay can cause the relay to overheat or the outer casing to melt.

Cover the fuse/relay compartment and reconnect your battery. Test your associated device to see if the new relay corrected the malfunction.

Items you will need

  • Replacement relay

  • Magnifying glass (optional)

  • Soldering tools (optional)

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