How to Change the Air Filter on a Ford E150 Econoline Van

by Pamela Gardapee

Changing the air filter in an Econoline van is easy to do if you know where to find the air filter and what to do. Learn how to change the air filter in a Ford E150 Econoline van and keep you van in good running condition. A dirty air filter will restrict the airflow to the engine, so make sure to check the air filter every time you change the oil and replace when necessary.

Step 1

Locate the air filter case. On the Econoline E150 van, the air filter box is on the driver's side in the front. This is usually a black shiny box with a hose hooked up to it leading into the engine compartment.

Step 2

Use your fingers to release the clips holding the cover on the box. In some rare cases, these clips may be hard to unsnap, so use a flat tip screwdriver cautiously. You do not want to damage the box or the clips.

Step 3

Open the lid after releasing the clips and remove the old air cleaner. The air filter should be clean and free from any clogs or debris. If not, you need to replace it with the new one.

Step 4

Remove the dirty air filter and use a clean rag to wipe out the inside of the box. There may be leaves or dirt inside the box that needs to be removed with the rag.

Step 5

Place the new air filter inside the box and replace the lid. Make sure to get the clips back on to seal the box.

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