Where Is the Fuse Box Located on a 2007 Dodge Caliber?

by Joe Killian

Most members of the public didn't know exactly what to call the truck-faced, hatchback-bodied Dodge Caliber when it debuted in 2007. It's buyers did, though: "small" and "inexpensive." The same can be said of its fuses, which are tucked away under the hood.


The Caliber’s fuse box is in the engine bay, directly behind the car battery and beside the air cleaner assembly. Remove the black, plastic cover from the box to expose the fuses. The relays and associated components are in the "power distribution" box on the left-front bumper fascia.


The integrated power module’s cover has a detailed diagram of each cartridge and mini fuse, including color and an amperage rating for every fused circuit in the car. You should seal the cover tightly to prevent moisture from getting inside and causing an electrical system failure.


Replace blown fuses in the Dodge Caliber’s fuse box with the correct amperage fuse according to the label. Repeated failures of properly rated fuses indicate a problem elsewhere in the circuit that should be addressed immediately.

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