Where Is the Fuse Box for Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Some automobile problems may be attributed to a failure of the electrical system. To prevent unnecessarily complicated and costly wiring repairs, fuses offer a convenient way to regulate the maximum amount of current to an electronic device. Replacing a fuse is an easy task and can restore your Vehicles to operating condition.

Under The Hood:

 Where Is the Fuse Box for a 2005 Ford Escape?

Main Fuse Panel

The main fuse box for the 2005 Ford Escape is on the passenger side of the center console near the instrument panel below the glove compartment. Remove the panel cover so you can access the fuses.

Power Distribution Box

The power distribution box, which holds the high current fuses, is in the engine compartment on the right hand side. The high-current fuses keep the electrical systems from overloading.


To safely replace fuses, make sure your car's engine and power are off. When replacing high current fuses, disconnect the battery before opening the panel to the power distribution box. Use the list of fuse codes in your owner's manual, and the fuse puller tool in the main fuse panel to remove and replace fuses. Always replace the panel to the power distribution box before reconnecting the battery.

 Where Is the Fuse Box on a Plymouth Breeze?

Interior Fuse Box

The fuses associated with most interior circuits on the Plymouth Breeze, such as the power windows and door locks, are located behind an access panel near the steering column. To access these fuses, open the driver-side door and gently pull on the slot on the side of the dash panel facing the driver door. The fuses are located in a pale, tan housing.

Power Distribution Center Fuses

The Plymouth Breeze also has a fuse box located under the hood in the engine compartment. These fuses are part of the power distribution center. They are located within a plastic box adjacent to the positive battery terminal. The fuse box is labeled "Fuse Access" and can be opened by lifting the tab on the box toward the front of the vehicle.

Replacing Fuses on the Plymouth Breeze

Only replace fuses with new ones rated to the specified current load (amps) as directed by the manufacturer. Both of the fuse boxes in the Plymouth Breeze contain diagrams of the fuse circuits and their corresponding current loads. In addition, the interior access panel cover holds spare fuses and a small tool that can be used to remove the old fuses.

 Where Is the Fuse Box in a 1999 Harley Davidson Fatboy?

Expert Insight

The Fat Boy doesn't have common automotive fuses; it has circuit breakers. Fred Collins, Seminole Harley-Davidson speed and customization expert, explained: "The fuse/circuit breaker box on the 1999 H-D Fatboy houses four 15-amp circuit breakers and one 30-amp circuit breaker for the voltage regulator."


The fuse box on the 1999 Fat Boy, as with most motorcycles, is located under the seat to protect it from the elements and prevent water from entering. After removing the seat, the fuse box is visible behind the battery near the rear of the battery box.

Fun Fact

The five-speed 1999 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has a 1,338-cubic-centimeter air-cooled engine -- yet only has a top speed of 94.4 mph. It can be attributed to the weight. The Fat Boy weighs a hefty 672.4 pounds, including engine fluids and 4.20 gallons of fuel.

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