How to Replace a Hood Release Cable on a Jeep Cherokee

by Christian Killian
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Replacing the hood release cable on the Jeep Cherokee is a little different from the process you would use for many other vehicles. The bell crank (latch mechanism) is located on the hood instead of the body of the Cherokee, and there are two of them. The release cable is attached to the bell crank on the driver's side, and the two bell cranks are connected by a transfer rod or latch connecting rod. Replacing the release cable requires you to remove the driver's-side bell crank in order to release the cable from it.

Step 1

Open the hood of the Jeep Cherokee, and support the hood with the prop rod. Locate the two rivets that connect the driver's-side bell crank (latch mechanism) to the hood. Using a power drill, drill out the rivets and remove them.

Step 2

Remove the latch from the hood, and pull out the release cable from the latch. Disconnect the latch connecting rod from the bell crank as well.

Step 3

Remove the driver's-side kick panel trim under the dash. There are three screws that hold it in. Remove the bracket screws that are holding this end of the cable, using a small nut driver or socket.

Step 4

Remove the hood release cable from the clips that hold it to the hood of the Jeep along the path from the latch to the firewall. Move inside the Jeep and pull the cable through the firewall and into the passenger compartment.

Step 5

Install the new cable by running it through the hole in the firewall. Attach the cable bracket to the kick panel with the two screws you removed. Reinstall the trim over the kick panel and tighten the screws.

Step 6

Install the cable into the clips along the hood, routing it all the way out to the bell crank. Attach the cable and latch connection rod to the bell crank.

Step 7

Rivet the bell crank back onto the hood, using the original holes and new rivets. You will need a rivet gun to do this. If you don't have one, you can rent one from an auto parts store.

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