How to Replace a Radio in a PT Cruiser

by Alibaster Smith

If there is a problem with the factory radio in your PT Cruiser, it's an excellent excuse to install a new, better one. Even if there's nothing wrong with the original radio, new aftermarket models come out every year that render the unit obsolete.

Step 1

Place the clean rag over the tip of the screwdriver.

Step 2

Wedge the tip of the screwdriver behind the bezel around the PT cruiser's radio console. With the rag covering the tip of the screwdriver and by using care, the surrounding trim should not be marred.

Step 3

Pry up on the bezel. The PT Cruiser's radio bezel is held in place with retaining clips than snap into the dash. You may have to work your way around the outside edge of the bezel to completely dislodge the bezel from the dash.

Step 4

Loosen and remove the retaining screws holding the radio in place.

Step 5

Pull the radio straight out and locate the electrical connection in the back of the radio.

Step 6

Unplug the connector. The plug-style connectors should pull straight out. If encountering difficulty, squeeze the top and bottom of the connector and wiggle it back and forth to pull it out of the back of the radio.

Step 7

Install the new radio. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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