Nissan Frontier Radio Removal

by Gregory Crews

Removing the stereo from your Nissan Frontier is a quick and easy process. It should only take a few minutes to remove the stock radio. The stereo can be replaced with an aftermarket unit or a factory stereo. In the former case you will need to determine if the wiring harness in the back of the radio will plug in or if you will need to re-splice the harness to work correctly with the new radio.

Accessing the Radio

Before removing the radio, you need to get to it. You first need to remove the trim around the radio. Begin by unclipping the tray on top of the radio. You can take this off with your fingers. Place the tray to the side and out of the way. Located underneath where the tray was situated are two screws. Remove these with a Phillips-head screwdriver. This will loosen the decorative bezel in front of the radio. Slowly lower the bezel to access the wiring on the back end of it. The wiring leads to the climate control unit and the other accessories below the radio. Place the bezel to the side and out of the way to prevent it from cracking.

Removing the Radio

Locate the mounting screws at the top of the radio. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The radio will be ready to slide out. Slide the radio out far enough to access the wiring behind it. There will be a wiring harness with power and speaker connections. Turn the radio around to look at the back of it. There will be a wiring harness with a locking tab. Separate the tabs to unlock the harness connector. Pull the wiring harness off the connection in the back of the radio. The antenna wire can be pulled out, as there are no locks holding the single wire in place. Slide the radio out of the dash.

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