How to Replace Spark Plugs on a Gold Wing GL1200

by Robert Good
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A Honda Goldwing GL1200 is a large motorcycle with a 1,200 cc engine. This motorcycle operates with four spark plugs installed on the top of the engine block. On some Goldwing models, cover plates must be removed from the sides of the engine in order to allow access to the spark plugs. In order to complete this replacement task, you need to be familiar with the engine layout of your particular Goldwing model.

Step 1

Remove the side plates that conceal the spark plug on the right and left sides of the engine, using the ratchet set. Pull the side plates off the engine and remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs.

Step 2

Connect the spark plug socket to the ratchet and remove the spark plugs from the top of the engine. Place the thin edge of the spark plug gapper between the arm and the pin of a new spark plug, so that the numbers on the front are facing you.

Step 3

Turn the gapper until it gives a reading of .28 in. Insert all of the new spark plugs into the engine after you have gapped all of them to the above specification. Tighten the new plug s to 12 foot-pounds, using the torque wrench, and replace the side plates on the engine.

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