How to Replace the Spark Plugs on a Pontiac Montana

by Tara Kimball

The Pontiac Montana debuted in 1999 as a renamed version of the Pontiac Trans Sport. Sold until 2006, every model year Montana is equipped with a 3.4-liter V6 engine. Buy plugs for your Montana at any auto-parts retailer. Check with the parts counter associates to purchase the proper plugs for your van. Select spark plugs that are sold pre-gapped to avoid having to gap each plug prior to installation.

Step 1

Raise the hood of the Montana and remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal with a wrench. Secure the cable away from the battery.

Step 2

Locate the spark plugs on the engine. There are three plugs on each side of the V-6 engine in your Montana. The plugs are located beneath the valve covers and have a wire with a boot connected to the top. Select a plug to start with, and be sure to remember where you started.

Step 3

Grasp the rubber boot on the end of the spark plug. Twist the boot slightly and pull it straight up off the plug. Leave the opposite end of the wire intact. Remove the spark plug with a spark-plug socket and ratchet. Discard the old spark plug.

Step 4

Thread a new spark plug into the hole by hand, turning it clockwise. Tighten the plug with a spark-plug socket and ratchet until it is snug. Turn the plug one-quarter turn additional to secure it.

Step 5

Insert a pea-sized amount of dielectric grease inside the rubber boot on the spark-plug wire. Push the boot onto the plug. Twist the boot slightly if necessary until it locks in place. Repeat the process on each remaining plug until you have changed all of them.

Step 6

Replace and tighten the negative battery cable with a wrench. Close the hood and test-run the engine of your Montana.

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