How to Add Transmission Fluid to a Mountaineer

by Carroll Roop
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Adding transmission fluid to most vehicles is an easy process. It usually involves simply removing a dipstick, inserting a funnel and pouring in the the fluid. Adding transmission fluid to a Mercury Mountaineer is a bit different, however. A Mountaineer does not have a dipstick on the transmission; instead, it has a plug that releases fluid and also allows operators to add fluid. The plug is located on the side of the transmission and can be difficult to reach. Purchasing a fluid level tube and a small funnel from your local auto parts store can make the job much easier.

Step 1

Locate the transmission of the Mountaineer. The drain plug is located on either the left or right side of the transmission.

Step 2

Remove the plug by unscrewing it with your hand. Place a pan underneath the transmission so that any excess fluid that may leak out can be caught.

Step 3

Place a fluid level tube into the hole and attach a small funnel to the end of the tube.

Step 4

Pour the transmission fluid into the funnel until the compartment is full. A completely dry Mountaineer will generally take around five quarts of fluid.

Step 5

Replace the plug and start the engine. Let the engine idle for about five minutes to allow the fluid to fully lubricate the transmission.

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