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How to Change Spark Plugs in an 1100 Honda Shadow Ace

by Robert Good

The 1100 Honda Shadow Ace is a cruiser style motorcycle with an 1100 cc engine. This motorcycle has four spark plugs on the top of the engine. Each spark plug is located on the top of each head in plain sight. If one spark plug burns out on the motorcycle, then you will need to replace all four spark plugs to keep the engine working properly. This job is simple and will take you 10 minutes to do.

Step 1

Park your 1100 Honda Shadow Ace on a level surface in a well lit area. Wait for the engine to completely cool before proceeding.

Step 2

Remove the rubber wires from the tops of each spark plug. Connect the spark plug socket to the ratchet and remove the spark plugs from the engine.

Step 3

Place the edge of the spark plug gapper between the metal arm and the pin in the center of a new spark plug. Turn the gapper until the number .036 is in the center of the metal arm. Repeat for all three of the new spark plugs.

Insert the new NGK motorcycle spark plugs into the spark plug holes on the engine. Tighten the new spark plugs using the ratchet and spark plug socket. Replace the rubber wires onto the spark plugs.

Items you will need

  • Ratchet
  • Spark plug socket
  • NGK motorcycle spark plugs (4)
  • Spark plug gapping tool

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