How to Replace Passenger Windows

by Cameron Easey

When the passenger window in a vehicle is cracked or has been damaged it will need to be replaced with a new window. A new passenger window can be installed by a professional or you can save money for the repair and do the job yourself. You can replace a passenger side window by first obtaining a new or replacement window from an auto supply store or your local junk yard.

Roll down the passenger-side window to be replaced.

Find and remove the screws that are used to secure the power window and door lock control panel with the screwdriver. Lift the control panel up and disconnect the electrical connector harness. Set the control panel aside.

Find and remove the screws that are located under the trim panel at the bottom of the door.

Pull slowly from the top of the inside door panel until it begins to separate from the door. Move down each side of the door panel to separate it from the door. Take the inside door panel off and set it aside.

Pull the plastic clips out of the door with a pair of pliers and set them aside. Lift up the plastic film that is covering the inside of the door.

Pull up on the weatherstripping to remove it from the door.

Find and remove the glass lift plate bolts with the socket wrench. Turn the socket wrench to the left or counterclockwise to loosen and remove the bolts.

Find and remove the bolts that are used to secure the front glass run channel and then pull the channel forward slightly.

Separate the glass channel from the regulator arm and then lift the glass out of the window. Set the old window aside.

Insert a new window into the door. Position the back of the window into the rear glass run channel. Secure the glass channel to the regulator arm by tightening the nuts onto the bolts.

Position the front of the window into the front run channel. Secure the glass channel with the bolts.

Place the weatherstripping back onto the top of the door and then test the window to make sure it is working properly.


  • check A passenger window in the front of the vehicle will need to have the front mirror trim removed before the window will come out.

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