How to Replace Nissan Door Hinges

by Chris Moore

If a door on your Nissan vehicle does not have proper alignment or wiggles excessively, it is likely the hinges need replacing. A good test is to open the door and lift it up and down without lifting the car body; if the door has at least 1/16 inch of excessive play, you need to change the hinges. Replacing the hinges is not an easy task and is best left to professionals. Doing it yourself will require at least two people and extreme care to not damage wires and other components within the door.

Step 1

Open the door and support it. Place jack stands or blocks to stand the door on--place rags on the stands/blocks to prevent scratching the paint--and have an assistant brace the door to keep it in place. Since you're having another person hold the door, have your replacement hinges ready for quick replacement.

Step 2

Mark the surface of the door and jamb where the hinges are placed with either a pen or a scribe. These markings should be used as a guide for installing the new hinges.

Step 3

Disconnect the bolts connecting the hinges to the door and the car body using a wrench. If you are replacing both hinges on one door, disconnect the lower hinge first. Have your assistant maintain the door's position as you remove the hinges.

Step 4

Connect the replacement hinges onto the body and door, starting with the upper hinge and using new bolts if possible (the hinges should come with bolts). If the hinges are in two pieces--one for the door and another for the body--use the old hinges as a guide to see which piece goes on which side.

Step 5

Attach the two pieces of the hinge with their hinge pin if needed. Drive the pin into is holes in the hinges with a punch and hammer. In most cases, the upper hinge pin points downward while the lower points downward.

Step 6

Test the door and hinges by removing the stands/blocks and lifting the door up and down; it shouldn't move more than 1/16 of an inch. Close the door and make sure its top end properly lines up with the top of the fenders.

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