How to Replace a Lincoln Headlight Switch

by Alibaster Smith

A Lincoln headlight switch is designed to last the life of the vehicle. However, these parts do not have a specific service life associated with them. When they fail, it is normally due to an electric fault in the switch. You'll need a new switch because the headlight switch also controls the turn signals and the cruise control--all of which are crucial. You can purchase a replacement from the dealership where you purchased your Lincoln (or any Ford dealership)

Straighten out a paperclip.

Push the paperclip through the small hole on the end of headlight switch.

Make sure the headlight switch is in the "off" position and pull the switch out of the steering column. Make sure you are applying pressure to the paperclip. Inside the headlight switch is a release pin that needs to be depressed before the switch will come off.

Slide the new headlight switch into the steering column until the switch clicks into place.

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