How to Replace the Brake Light Switch on a Chevy Suburban

by Bill Varoskovic

Your car's brake light switch works like a relay that tells the brake lights to turn on when you press down on the brake. If your brake lights do not work, and you have tested the bulbs and know that they are not broken or dead, it could be that your brake light switch needs replacing. The brake light switch on a Chevrolet Suburban rests behind the brake pedal arm. Changing a brake light switch yourself saves time and money.


Open the driver side door and position yourself so you can access the brake pedal. You can use a flashlight if you need more light.

Locate the brake pedal switch on the underside of the brake pedal and unplug the wiring harness.

Unbolt the brake light switch using a wrench, and replace it with the replacement unit. Be sure to tightly bolt the switch into place.

Plug the wiring harness into the new switch. Test your brake lights to make sure they work by pressing the brake pedal.

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