How to Replace Keys to a Saturn Car

by Richard Ristow
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Replacing Saturn keys can be time consuming if you don't have a spare. The keys themselves are programmable, with smart chips, so even copying a key is more complex than copying a standard door key. Two options exist, and which one to use depends largely on the circumstances you face. You can search your local telephone directory for a locksmith. Many can re-key and reprogram Saturn keys and ignitions. The other option requires obtaining a replacement key from a dealership, preferably the one where you bought the vehicle.

Step 1

Find your vehicle registration and insurance card. You may not need it at the dealership, but it's always good to have irrefutable proof that you own the car, and more documentation is always better than not enough. Make sure either documents have the car's VIN number. They should.

Step 2

Make sure you have your driver's license.

Step 3

Call either a taxi or a friend with a car. You will need transportation to the dealership.

Step 4

Ask the receptionist for direction to their locksmith.

Provide the VIN number, registration, and your driver's license to the people who need to see it. The dealership's locksmith will then look up the key-code for your vehicle and make replacement keys.

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