How to Donate Car Parts

by Kathryn Kutny

When cars get damaged, stop working or they are too expensive to fix, many people send them to the junkyard. Instead of bringing your car to a junkyard you could donate your car parts to a reputable charity. By donating your car parts to a charity you could be helping different kinds of causes. Some of these causes include Operation Smile, Children's Health Fund, Girl Scouts and Food for the Poor. Learn how to donate your car parts today and make a difference in someone's life.

Step 1

Find a charity online and decide which one you would like to donate your car parts to. You could ask friends or family if they have a favorite charity they could recommend. Make sure the charity is close by so they can pick up your car. Also make sure the charity is legitimate, and they have a good reputation. You can determine if the charity is a scam by looking them up on the computer. Another great way to find out if they are a scam is by contacting them. If they don't want to or can't answer all your questions, you should think twice before donating your car parts to them.

Step 2

Give the charity a phone call and ask them questions. Find out if they will like to use your car for car parts. Make sure they'll take the car, running or not. There are charities out there that will take your car even if it does not run. Find out a time for them to come by to pick up your car from your home. If they can't come by to pick it up, you will need to drop the car off to them.

Step 3

Clean your car before donating it to the charity. Make sure to remove all important documents from the glove compartment. You don't want to leave anything important in your car. You may need it in the future.

Step 4

Give the charity the title to your car when they come to pick it up from your home or when you drop it off to their office. They need the car title for proof they own the car now. Ask the charity for a receipt when you give them your car. You can get a tax deduction from donating your car parts to the charity. The receipt is needed for proof of transaction.

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