What to Do Now for Stolen Car Keys

by Leigh Egan

Even with advancing technology that helps you protect your vehicle from being stolen, the risk of car theft remains high as car thieves look for other opportunities and ways to steal your vehicle, such as taking your keys instead of breaking into your car. If you have had your car keys stolen, there are certain steps you need to take immediately to ensure that your car is not next.

Police Report and Insurance

The first thing do is file a police report. Let your local police officer know the last time you saw your keys and any person that you think may be responsible. Do not leave out any details when filing your report. Minor details could be crucial in preventing your car from being stolen, and minimizing the risk of other thefts.

Also call your insurance company. In many cases, depending upon your coverage, insurance companies may pay or reimburse you to have your car locks changed.

Change the Locks

After making the appropriate reports, go to your car dealership or a dealership that specializes in the make and model of your car. Depending upon the model of your car and the dealership, you may be able to get new keys programmed to work for your car. If this is not an option, you will need to change your locks out entirely and get a set of keys for your new locks.

If you do not have an authorized dealership to take your car to, consider contacting a locksmith. A locksmith will change your door locks as well as your ignition locks.


After you have taken all steps to protect your car, you should take proactive measures to prevent such problems from happening again. First, consider investing in an anti-theft security system for your car if you do not already have one. There are other useful devices to purchase in addition. Biometric immobilizers, for example, work by scanning the fingerprints of the driver or drivers of your vehicle. Your car will be rendered useless to a thief whose fingerprints to do match, as the car will not start.

Use common-sense safety precautions at all time. Never leave your car unlocked or your windows down even if you will be only be away from your car for a few minutes. Always keep your vehicle identification number, also known as VIN, covered up. Your VIN is usually located on your dashboard, and anyone that looks hard enough can read it. Place a book or folder over your VIN whenever you are parked and have to leave your car. Last, always leave your car keys in a safe place. Never leave your keys by windows or doors in your home, and never leave a set of spare keys inside your car.

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