What Documents Should I Keep in My Car?

by Jagg Xaxx
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If you get pulled over by a traffic cop, you will want to have certain papers in your car to avoid a hassle. You should always have your driver's license on your person when driving, but this licenses you as a driver, not your car, and should not be left in your car.

Proof of Insurance

Anyone who has been stopped by the police while driving knows that the very first thing they do is to ask for proof of registration and insurance. Although the actual laws for carrying these items in your car vary from state to state, your life will be easier if you have them with you than if you attempt to argue the finer points of law with a traffic cop. Proof of insurance is a card from your automotive insurance company that is up to date and shows that there is liability insurance covering your car. It's also useful to have these details to hand if you have an accident and need contact information for your insurance company.

Car Registration

Registration is the paper document affiliated with the license plate on the outside of your car, showing that your car is legally registered for the year. Always keep it in the glove compartment with your proof of insurance.

Title: Leave It at Home

The title for your car is one thing that you do not want to carry around in the glove compartment. If a thief steals your car, he can use the title to prove ownership, which would make it a lot easier for him to sell it quickly.

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