How to Replace Keys for Kia Rio

by James Melzer
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The Kia Rio is a subcompact automobile produced by Kia Motors. It features driver- and passenger-side airbags, as well as child safety locks and auto-off headlights. Keeping an extra set of keys on hand for your Kia Rio is a good idea if you should lose your originals, and getting replacement keys is a quick and easy process as long as you have the key code number that came with your original set.

Step 1

Locate the plate that came with your original set of keys that contains your key code number.

Step 2

Go to the Kia website and click on "Dealer Locator" and enter in your zip code to find a Kia dealer near you.

Step 3

Call the dealer and give them your key code number so they can make a new set of keys.

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