How to Replace a Key Fob Case

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Key fob cases are made of simple plastic; they are prone to breakage, particularly around the key ring loop. If your remote is functional, but your case is broken, you can swap out the circuit from your remote into a new casing. The casing must be from a similar vehicle; it must look identical to your old remote. Do not touch the internal remote circuit with your bare hands; always wear gloves when opening a key fob case.

Open the old remote casing. To open the remote, insert a small screwdriver or knife between the casing halves and pry them apart.

Remove the rubber "button" panel and the remote circuit. The circuit is not attached to the casing; it comes out with ease.

Open the new remote casing. Lay the rubber "button" panel on the half with the button holes, so the buttons protrude. Lay the circuit on top of the panel, with the sensors lined up with the buttons.

Snap together the two halves of the new remote casing.


  • check Many dealerships have old, nonfunctional key fobs. You may be able to acquire one for little or no money, and then swap your circuit into it.
  • check You can also purchase replacement casings online--including designer or color-themed casings--to match your vehicle's key fob.

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