How to Replace Honda Accord Motor Mounts

by Robert Good
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Motor mounts secure the engine to the frame of the car as well as the engine housing. Taking the car to the shop to have this done by a pro will be time-consuming and costly. This task will require preparation, tools, and common sense. You will be able to do this in your garage or driveway in no time at all.

Step 1

Drive the car onto a level surface and apply the hand brake inside the car. Place chalk blocks behind the rear tires and open the car's hood.

Step 2

Locate the mounts on the bottom of each side on the engine on the corners. They are black rubber mounts that have a metal bolt running through the middle of them connecting them to the frame.

Step 3

Raise the car with the jack on the right side and place a jack stand under the right wheel that is raised. Then do this to the opposite side of the car so that the front end of the car is off the ground.

Step 4

Place the jack under the right side of the engine and raise to relieve weight from the frame before you start removing the right motor mount. Spray the mount bolt with WD-40 to lubricate it for easy removal.

Step 5

Remove the mount bolt with pliers, ratchet and socket. Use a pry bar to help lift the mount, and WD-40 if the mount is stuck. Remove the mount from the housing and frame and set aside.

Step 6

Put the new motor mount in place of the old mount. Insert the mount bolt and tighten with the ratchet and socket.

Step 7

Repeat steps 4 through 6 for any other motor mounts that you need to replace. Close the car's hood and back the car off of the jack stands.

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