How to Replace a 1996 Honda Accord Heater Core

by Michael Cantrell

The heater core in your Honda Accord vehicle is used to push warm air through your vehicle's cabin. The heater core takes engine coolant and runs it through the vehicle's heater core, then sends it through the car's radiator. The Accord's fan will blow air over the now warmed heater core and then push the air out into the cabin of the vehicle. The heater core can be replaced in your garage at home with a few tools.

Step 1

Open up the hood of the vehicle and unplug the Accord's battery. This is a standard safety step to prevent getting shocked while repairing your vehicle. Use a wrench set to loosen the clamp on the negative battery cable and remove the cable.

Step 2

Place a clean container underneath the radiator. Unplug the drain plug and drain all the coolant into the container. Use the socket wrench to loosen up the clamps on the heater hoses and disconnect them from the vehicle's firewall.

Step 3

Detach the cable that is attached to the heater valve. Remove the duct cover by using a flat head screwdriver to remove the screw holding it in place. Take off the dashboard to give you access to the heating assembly.

Step 4

Remove the four bolts that secure the heating assembly in place using the socket wrench. Remove the cover from the heater core. Remove the secure clamp from the heater core so that you can take out the heater core. Carefully pull out the heater core.

Step 5

Slide the new heater core into the assembly. Secure the core in place using the clamp you removed in the previous step. Place the heating assembly back into the vehicle and replace the four bolts to secure the assembly in place.

Step 6

Replace the heater core's duct cover and dashboard. Connect all of the heater hoses back to the firewall. Attach the cable back to the heater valve.

Step 7

Pour the coolant back into the radiator. Hook the car's battery back up and shut the hood.

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