How to Replace a Headlight Bulb in an Acura Rsx

by Larry Parr

Fortunately headlight bulbs do not burn out often, but when they do they must be replaced quickly since it is illegal to drive after dark with a burned-out headlight. Your Acura Rsx dealer will be happy to replace the bulb for you--but at a rather hefty price. Fortunately replacing headlight bulbs on an Acura Rsx is something even a novice mechanic can do, given a little time, and at very little out-of-pocket cost.

Step 1

Open the hood of the car. If you are replacing the headlight bulb on the driver's side, unhook the neck of the windshield washer reservoir by sliding it to the left.

Step 2

Remove the bolt on the battery tie-down (using a crescent wrench) and move the battery toward the windshield to give yourself a little room to work, if you are replacing the bulb on the passenger side. The battery tie-down is the metal strap that goes across the battery and holds the battery firmly in place--by removing the bolt on one end of the tie-down you can move the battery away from the area of the headlight.

Step 3

Find the electrical wire that is connected to the headlight. This wire will have a clip on the end that is slipped over a tab on the back of the bulb. Remove this electrical connector to the bulb by grasping it and pulling it straight back. It will pull straight off.

Step 4

Locate the black rubber weather stripping that goes all the way around the headlight assembly. There will be a small tab on the weather stripping, usually at or very near the top. Remove the weather stripping by grasping the tab and gently pulling it until it comes off. Keep the weather stripping in a safe place.

Step 5

Find the springy hold-down wire that is stretched across the back of the headlight assembly. Un-clip the end of the springy hold-down wire from its slot and then pivot the wire out of the way. Pull the back of the assembly toward the windshield until the bulb is visible. The bulb should now slip easily out .

Step 6

Replace the old bulb with a new halogen bulb, BEING CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE BULB WITH YOUR FINGERS. Make sure the tabs on the bulb are properly fitted into the slots provided.

Step 7

Replace the springy hold-down wire, slipping its free end back into its slot. Replace the rubber seal, making certain the word "Top" is at the top. You may need a "Popsicle stick" or other small object with a soft, rounded end to press the weather stripping back into place all the way around the headlight assembly.

Step 8

Push the electrical connector onto the tab of the bulb and test to make sure everything is working. Re-hook the neck of the windshield washer or push the battery back into place and reattach the bolt to the battery tie-down.

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