How to Reduce Wind Noise in a Jeep Wrangler Soft Top

by Catherine Fiorentino
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Jeep Wranglers with soft tops emit a lot of noise due to the wind buffeting the top and entering the top of the vehicle while driving. Although this sound isn't particularly loud when driving slow, the high speeds and wind of highway driving can be a little too noisy for some. Regular car interiors consist of soft materials such as leather and carpeting throughout the vehicle that dampen wind noise. Jeeps, on the other hand, have none of this "luxury" insulation. It's possible, however, to reduce the amount of wind noise by adding a seal to block excess wind.

Step 1

Use a tape measure to measure the length and width of the top (surface) of your Wrangler's windshield. The top must be down to complete this step. Jot down the dimensions for later reference.

Step 2

Purchase a roll of weather stripping from a hardware store or from the Internet (retailers such as JC Whitney and DK Hardware carry automotive weather stripping and friction stripping, which works just as well). Unroll the weather stripping and measure to the exact dimensions you recorded earlier from the top bar. Cut the stripping to the proper size.

Step 3

Use Gorilla Glue to line the top of the windshield with a thick layer of glue without getting too close to the edges; it's difficult to clean up after drying. Gorilla glue is one of the toughest waterproof glues on the market and is often used on vehicles of all types due to its durability.

Step 4

Place the cut weather stripping on top of the glue. Make sure the edges line up neatly---a seal does no good if it's not perfectly measured and fitted.

Step 5

Replace your soft top by pulling it over the Jeep and carefully latching it in. Gorilla glue must be clamped or have weight applied to it in order to form a proper seal. Be sure not to move the stripping when securing the top. Have a friend help you if possible to avoid smearing or moving the stripping or glue. Allow the Jeep to set (preferably in sunlight) for 1-2 hours so the glue is fully dried.

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