How to Repair Cordura

by Leigh Kelley

Cordura is a fabric used in some camping and sports gear. When the fabric has a hole in it, sewing the hole isn't possible, as this compromises the fabric's waterproof integrity. However, it is possible to repair Cordura using a patch and glue.

Step 1

Lay the Cordura item on a flat surface with the outside of the fabric facing up. Line up the edges of the hole as best as you can.

Step 2

Place a piece of transparent tape over the edges of the hole. The tape keeps the fabric stationary while you repair the Cordura.

Step 3

Turn the fabric over so you can repair the hole from the rear of the fabric. Be careful when doing this so the tape on the front holds the fabric in place.

Step 4

Cut a piece of Cordura repair material (see Resources below) to fit on the backside of the hole using scissors. It should measure ¼- to ½-inch larger all around than the hole.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of waterproof cloth sealant, such as Shoe Goo or Seam Grip, around the torn edges (see Resources below). Let it set for 2 minutes.

Step 6

Lay the patch over the sealant. Smooth it out from the middle of the patch to the edges to remove any air bubbles and evenly distribute the sealant.

Step 7

Put a sheet of wax paper over the patched area. Lay a flat object, such as a book or sheet of wood over the wax paper. Place a heavy object on top of the flat object. A gallon jug filled with water or sand is ideal. Let this set for 24 hours.

Step 8

Remove the heavy object, flat object, wax paper and transparent tape. Check the edges of the patch to see if they are secure. If they aren't, place a thin layer of the sealant around the edges to secure them. Let the sealant set for 24 hours.

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