How to Replace a Headlamp on a Freightliner M2

by Gregory Crews
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Replacing a headlamp on a Freightliner M2 is necessary when the headlamp burns out. The headlamp used is a halogen lamp which can be purchased at any truck parts store or even the Freightliner dealer. Always perform a walkaround inspection when replacing the light to ensure there are no other lights that have burnt out and require replacement. The headlamp itself is simple to access and will take a few minutes to replace.

Step 1

Ensure the truck is parked on a flat and level surface and that the parking brake is set.

Step 2

Open the hood for access to the headlamp. Locate the back of the headlamp on the back of the hood.

Step 3

Unclip the wiring harness going in to the back of the headlamp assembly. The harness will unlock by pulling the clips apart and pulling off the headlamp socket.

Step 4

Turn the socket counterclockwise and pull it out of the headlamp assembly. Replace it with the new headlamp and twist it in clockwise until it locks in place.

Step 5

Push the wiring harness onto the back of the socket. The harness will lock in place as well.

Step 6

Close the hood and secure it by locking the straps in place. Test the headlamp to ensure it is working properly.

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