How to Replace My GMC Envoy Air Filter

by Russell Wood

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing your oil filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and the air filter every second or third oil change. It is routine maintenance that you should do. Without a properly functioning air filter, you can experience a loss of power, or potentially, damage to the engine. Replacing an air filter on your GMC Envoy is a five-minute job. It requires no tools and no special equipment, making it an easy task to do in an afternoon, along with that oil change.

Pop the hood on your GMC Envoy and locate the air filter box. This is going to be a black box in the corner of the engine bay, with plastic tubing running from the box to the engine itself. The box will have clips in the corners.

Unclip the box from the base and lift off the top of the air cleaner assembly. The air filter is now exposed; you can remove it from the vehicle.

Set the new air filter in place on the air box. Some air filters are side specific, so look for text on the side of the filter reading "This side up" or something similar.

Place the air box cover back onto the air filter and clamp the stock clips in place with your hands. If the air filter is seated correctly, then all the clips will lock up and the job will be complete.

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