How to Replace the Fuses in an Acura Integra

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The Acura Integra was a popular model of Acura from 1986 to 2001. When there are issues with something electrical in either your sedan or hatchback, a fuse replacement might correct the problem. When something in your Acura Integra won't turn on such as the lights, accessories or controls, it's easy to change the blown fuse yourself.

Turn off the car and all switches. Locate the interior fuse box on the driver's side under the dashboard. The fuse box is located here in both the sedan and hatchback models of the Integra.

Open the fuse box by turning the knob on the front. You may need to use a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove the fuse puller located in the box along with a spare fuse.

Pull the fuse you suspect is blown from its clip using the fuse puller and verify that it is indeed blown. If there's a break in the U-shaped wire, then it's blown.

Review the amp rating of the blown fuse by comparing it on the cover of the fuse box. Push the new fuse with the same amperage into the empty slot and make sure it fits tightly into the clips.

Check the other fuses on your Acura Integra to verify no others are blown as well.


  • check If your car no longer has a spare fuse or fuse puller, purchase one in advance. Any auto parts store can help you find the type of fuse you need.
  • check Fuses blown in the fuse box in your engine must be changed by a mechanic.

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