How to Replace an Engine Mount in a Sonata

by Robert Good

Replacing the motor mounts on your Sonata is a critical job that must be done from time to time. Taking your Sonata to a professional to have this done will be very expensive and quite time consuming. Motor mounts keep the engine mounted to the car's frame and limit the movement of the engine when the engine is running. You can complete this task in your garage at your home in just a few hours with the right tools, know how and proper preparation.

Place chalk blocks behind the rear wheel to ensure that the Sonata will not move. Open the hood and disconnect the battery.

Jack up the front left side of the Sonata and place a jack stand under the the Sonata at the support rail on the frame under the Sonata. Do this to the right side as well and remove the jack from under the Sonata.

Place the jack under the engine to jack up the engine. This will relieve weight from the mounts.

Insert the mounts into the fittings on both sides of the engine. Use a pry bar and some WD-40 to help lift the engine and slide the mounts into place.

Insert the securing bolts into the mounts and tighten with pliers and ratchet set.

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