How to Replace a Crossfire Cabin Air Filter

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Chrysler Crossfire is a compact sports car that shares many chassis components with the Mercedes SLK. This is due to a Chrysler partnership with Mercedes Benz (Daimler-Benz) that lasted until 2007. The Crossfire uses a cabin air filter that is not used on any other Chrysler vehicle; the filter is actually a Mercedes part, but can be purchased at your Chrysler dealer.

Look closely underneath the passenger side of the dash to find the lower dash panel. The lower dash panel is attached by two screws and two clips.

Remove the two Phillips screws from the top portion of the lower dash panel. Lower the panel and release the clips on the bottom.

Examine the cabin air filter panel to find the sliding clips. Pull the front clip up and push the rear clip down. Due to the Crossfire's unique dash setup, the cabin air filter is mounted vertically.

Remove the panel and set it aside. Pull out the old cabin air filter and discard it. Clear any debris from the cabin air filter housing and insert the new filter.

Attach the cabin air filter cover and secure the clips. Replace the lower dash panel, secure the clips and tighten the Phillips screws.


  • check Chrysler recommends using Mopar factory replacement filters for your Crossfire.

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