How to Replace the Cigarette Lighter on a 2000 Impala

by Don Bowman

The cigarette lighter on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala is used not only as a lighter but also to operate other 12-volt devices. The lighter has larger-gauge wire and a higher-amperage fuse, which can be a hazard if something conductive shorts the socket. Small change has been known to fall into the lighter socket, causing a fire or a meltdown of the wires. Always protect your socket from debris to prevent accidental shorts. In most cases the cigarette lighter has continuous power regardless of key position.

Remove the Phillips screws from the dash fascia. Unsnap the fascia using the common screwdriver by gently prying the fascia away from the dash. The fascia is held on by trim fasteners, which snap into the dash.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the back of the cigarette lighter by lifting the side tabs and pulling it off. Remove the cigarette lighter. The lighter has cylinder threads on it, and there is a slightly larger-diameter cylinder that threads over the lighter to pinch it to the dash. From the backside of the dash, twist the cigarette lighter's top cylinder counterclockwise to unthread the two pieces.

Remove the outer cylinder from the new cigarette lighter, and insert the inner section into the dash from the front side. From the backside, slide the larger cylinder over the protruding lighter and thread the two together by turning the outer sleeve clockwise.

Plug the electrical connector into the back of the lighter. Install the dash fascia carefully and push it into the snaps.

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