How to Replace a Bumper on a Suburban

by Jenny Carver

The bumper on a Chevrolet Suburban is made of steel and is not easily damaged, even during low-speed collisions. When the bumper does need to be replaced, it can be done using only a couple of tools and in under an hour. You will need help from a friend to hold the bumper, since the Suburban bumpers are solid and heavy. This goes for both the front and rear Suburban bumpers.

Step 1

Put on safety glasses, and roll under the Suburban on a creeper. You can do this without a creeper, but it is much easier to maneuver yourself under the vehicle while on a creeper. Move underneath the bumper, and find the two metal brackets that extend from the bumper to the frame of the Suburban. There are two 14-mm bolts and nuts on each bracket. Spray them with the lubricating spray, and let them sit for five minutes. Since the bolts and nuts are located under the Suburban, they are exposed to dirt, mud, salt and grime from the road, which causes them to become stuck. The spray loosens the bolts, so they can be easily removed.

Step 2

Use the ratchet and a 14-mm socket to loosen the nuts and bolts. Use a crescent wrench to hold the bolt, while you use the ratchet and socket to loosen the nut. This holds the bolt still, while the nut is loosened.

Step 3

Have a friend hold up the bumper. Remove the bolts and nuts from the bumper, and pull the bumper away from the Suburban.

Step 4

Slide the new bumper into place where the old one was removed. Have someone hold it in place, while you get underneath, and install the bolts through the holes in the metal bracket and into the frame. Tighten the bolts using the ratchet, 14-mm socket and crescent wrench.

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