How to Replace Instrument Panel Bulbs in a 1998 Ford Escort

by Daniel Valladares

The instrument panel bulbs on your 1998 Ford Escort are very important for the overall safety of your vehicle. Not only do they illuminate the gauges in dark conditions, but there are also specific indicator lights that turn on when there is something wrong with your vehicle. To check if any of the lights are burnt out, turn the ignition to the "ON" position, but leave the engine off. This will illuminate all of the instrument panel bulb lights. If any of the lights are malfunctioning, you should replace them.

Loosen the two screws on each side of the steering wheel, below the instrument panel, with a Phillips screwdriver. Loosen the three screws above the instrument panel on the dash trim. Pull the dash trim off the instrument panel carefully, so as to not damage the plastic trim.

Loosen the two screws that hold the instrument panel in place. At this point the instrument panel will become loose. Pull it forward slightly in order to disconnect the two electric wiring harnesses at the rear of the instrument panel.

Pull the Escort's instrument panel out of the vehicle. On the underside of the instrument panel are all of the bulbs.

Rotate any of the malfunctioning bulbs to the left to remove them. Place the new bulbs onto the instrument panel and rotate them to the right to secure them.

Reattach the wiring harnesses and place the instrument panel back into the Escort. Tighten the two securing screws.

Reattach all of the plastic dash trim that was removed from the Escort and tighten all seven screws.

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