How to Replace a Map Light Bulb in a Dodge Ram 1500

by Christian Killian
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The Dodge Ram 1500 series pickups have two map lights in the overhead console. The lights have a low-output bulb in them to allow the passenger to use the light without blinding the driver but providing enough light to read a map or see other items in the cab at night. If the bulb burns out, it can be easily replaced with a 168 bulb available from any auto-parts store.

Step 01

Insert a small, flat screwdriver into the gap in the outer edge of the lens of the map light and the push in on the tab on the lens. Do not pry to hard or you may break the tab on the lens.

Step 11

Pull the lens down and swing it out of the way. Grasp the bulb and pull it out of the fixture, then discard the bulb.

Step 21

Push a new 168 bulb into the fixture, making sure it seats completely, then swing the lens closed. Push up on the lens to engage the locking tab. Repeat the process on the second map light if it needs replacing as well.

Push up on the lens to turn the light on, making sure it is working properly, then push it again to turn it off.

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