How to Replace a BMW Windshield Wiper Motor

by Alibaster Smith

BMW is typically known for its quality parts. Even so, these parts will eventually wear out. One of those parts is the windshield wiper motor, a small device that controls the motion of the windshield wiper blades. The wiper motor typically lasts for at least five years, so if you trade in your vehicles frequently, you may have never had to replace this item. However, if you buy used BMWs and your wiper blades suddenly stop working, the wiper motor has burned out and needs to be replaced.

Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal. Loosen the retaining nut on the cable clamp and pull the clamp off.

Pull the wiper arm assembly away from the windshield.

Remove the retaining nut holding the wiper blade to the wiper motor assembly.

Remove the trim covering the wiper motor. This trim is located under the wiper arm assembly where the arm connects to the motor. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the trim in place, then pull the trim off.

Remove the bolts holding the wiper motor in place and pull the wiper motor out.

Unplug the electrical connector on the motor, and install the new motor. Installation is the reverse of removal for this component.


  • check For specific information about your particular BMW's windshield wiper motor, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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