How to Change a Blower Motor on a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

by Kyle McBride
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Oldsmobile equipped its 1999 model-year Intrigues with an automatic heating and cooling system for the passenger compartment. A centrifugal fan driven by a direct current (DC) blower motor supplies air pressure, which forces inside or outside air through the air conditioner or heater core, delivering it to the passenger compartment. Age and overuse can eventually wear out the bushings or cause insulation breakdown in the blower motor, making replacement necessary.


Step 1

Turn off all electrical devices and turn the ignition key to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Remove the battery's negative cable bolt with a wrench. Pull the negative battery cable off of the battery.

Step 3

Locate the passenger side instrument panel insulator panel located under the passenger side of the dash. Remove the two panel retainers from the panel with the retainer pin removal tool. Pull the panel off of the locating stud and away from the dash.

Step 4

Disconnect the panel harness clip by hand and move the harness out of the way of the blower motor. Unplug the blower electrical connector by hand. Remove the cooling hose from the blower motor by hand.

Remove the blower motor retaining bolts with a wrench. Lower the blower motor and fan out of their housing.


Step 1

Position the new fan and blower motor in the housing. Install and torque the blower retainer bolts to 14 foot-pounds with a 3/8-inch torque wrench and socket.

Step 2

Install the blower motor cooling hose onto the motor. Snap the electrical connector into place on the motor by hand. Position the panel harness and snap the retaining clip into place by hand.

Step 3

Position the panel insulator under the dash. Install the panel retainers through the panel and into the supports until the retainers snap into place. Push the panel upwards and toward the rear of the vehicle to fully engage the panel to the dash.

Step 4

Install the battery's negative cable and bolt onto the battery. Torque the bolt to 11 foot-pounds with a 3/8-inch torque wrench.

Disable the radio Theft-lock feature with the Theft-lock code. Follow the instructions for your radio to input the Theft-lock code so the radio will function once the battery is reconnected.

Items you will need

  • Wrench set
  • Retainer pin removal tool (Oldsmobile special tool part number J38778)
  • New blower motor unit
  • 3/8-inch torque wrench
  • Socket set
  • Radio Theft-lock code

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