Dodge Dakota Wiper Arm Removal

by Dan Ferrell
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The two wiper arms on your Dodge Dakota have the necessary length to hold the wiper blades in place and allow the wiper mechanism to properly clean the windshield. Snow rain, dirt and road debris could eventually impair your visibility on the road and compromise your safety when damaged wiper arms prevent the wiper system from doing its job. Replacing the mechanical arms of the wiper system is a simple procedure and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Removing the Wiper Arms

Open the hood of your Dodge Dakota and locate the wiper arm pivot bolt on each of the mechanical arms. You might have to remove a plastic cap off the retaining nut on the pivot bolt. Once you unscrew the nut, you will be able to remove the wiper arms from their pivot bolt using a battery terminal puller or wiper arm removal tool

Before you reinstall the wiper arms or new units, wipe clean the lower, darkened area of the windshield using a glass cleaner solution and paper towels.

Installing the New Wiper Arms

When you're ready, align the new wiper arms on the windshield and push them into place on their pivot threaded shafts but do not fasten the retaining nuts yet. If you look closely, depending on your particular Dakota model, you may find four aligning marks around the upper area of the darkened windshield bottom section, where the wiper blades rest on their installed position. Align the front and rear edges of the wiper arms with these marks by slightly rotating the arms on the pivot bolts, if necessary.

Then install the retaining bolt nuts and slightly tighten them. Spray glass cleaner on the windshield, switch on the wipers and verify that they are working properly. Adjust them if necessary. Then torque the retaining nuts to 212-inch lbs. (24 Nm) using a torque wrench and install the plastic caps on the retaining nuts.

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