How to Replace a BMW 745I Headlight Bulb

by Carl Pruit

The BMW 745i uses a special xenon technology gas-filled headlight bulb which gives a stronger, more intense beam of light for greater visibility while driving at night. The higher quality technology draws up to .9 current from the BMW battery which adds to the intensity of the headlight bulb as well as the efficiency. The BMW 745i uses a simple plug in system that allows you to remove and replace the headlight bulb easily within just a few minutes.

Determine which headlight bulb needs to be replaced on your BMW 745i and locate the black plastic cover on the back of the headlight. The cover will be on the inside of the engine compartment, just behind the headlight.

Detach the plastic cover on the back of the headlight by carefully pushing down on the top to release the tabs that lock it into place and moving the cover back. When the plastic cover is loose from the top slots, pull up to unhook the cover from the lower slots and set the cover out of the way.

Locate the plug in the back of the headlight and pull the plug straight out. Push the headlight bulb into the plug and gently turn it until you feel it release, then remove the bulb from the plug.

Handle the new headlight bulb by holding the glass with a clean dry cloth and inserting the new bulb into the plug. Push the bulb into the plug and turn until you feel it lock in place.

Insert the plug back into the headlight, and then put the plastic cover over the back of the headlight by inserting the bottom edge of the cover in the slots and then pushing down and moving the cover forward until the top pins catch the slots above the cover.

Test the new headlight bulb on your BMW 745i by turning the headlight switch on and confirming that the light is working. Once you are satisfied that it is operating correctly, turn the headlight switch off.


  • close Be careful that you do not touch the glass of the new headlight bulb. The oils in your hands can cause the bulbs to burn out quicker.

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