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How to Replace Ball Joints in a RAM 2500

by Daniel Valladares

You must replace your Dodge RAM 2500's ball joints if they break or are damaged in an accident. Ball joints connect the tires to the RAM's steering linkage, so any malfunction will make the truck impossible to steer. You will need to raise the truck with a jack to replace the ball joints. Once you get underneath the truck, the job is pretty simple.

Lift the truck with a jack and safely support it with jack stands. Place a floor-jack underneath the lower control arm on which you will be replacing the ball joint.

Use a wheel wrench to remove the tire and wheel assembly from the side where you will be replacing the ball joint.

Use a socket wrench to remove the cotter-pin and stud nut.

Release the upper ball joint taper using a flat-head screwdriver to pry it off the control arm.

Remove the bolts from the ball joint and pry the ball joint off the control arm using a ball joint fork.

Place the new ball joint onto the control arm, below the steering knuckle, and reattach its bolts. Tighten the bolts to 169 Nm.

Reattach the upper ball joint taper, the cotter-pin and stud nut. Tighten the stud nut to 183 Newton Meter, or Nm.

Reattach the tire and wheel assembly. Remove the floor-jack and jack stands and slowly lower the truck to the ground.

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