How to Replace an Air Filter on a Toyota Avalon

by Jody L. Campbell

The Toyota Avalon was introduced as a mid-size sedan alternative to the compact Toyotas in 1995. It featured a 3.0 liter V-6 engine until 2005, when the 3.5 liter V-6 engine was introduced. No matter what engine you have in your Toyota Avalon, the more air is allowed to the combustible engine, the better it will run. The air filter blocks out dust and debris from contaminating the mass air flow sensor and entering the engine. Checking and changing the air filter regularly will optimize the performance of your Toyota Avalon.

Step 1

Locate the air cleaner box under the hood. Make sure the engine is turned off.

Step 2

Loosen the four 10 mm seated bolts from the air box cleaner cover (one on each corner) using the ratchet, extension and a socket. The bolts will not remove the air box cover, so you won't lose them or drop them into the engine compartment.

Step 3

Lift the air box cleaner lid away from the base without removing it. There's enough flexibility on the air tube still attached to the cover to move it to one side and extract the old air filter. Remove the air filter from the air box.

Step 4

Install the new air filter. On the rectangular 3.0 liter air filters, align the single square cut corner of the air filter (the other three corners are rounded) to the right front (facing the air box cleaner) corner of the air box.

Step 5

Replace the cover and tighten the four seated screws.

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