How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Mitsubishi Outlander

by Johnathan Cronk
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Mitsubishi equips purifier air filters in all their vehicles, including the Outlander. The purifier air filter is also called the cabin air filter and is installed behind the passenger side glove box. Mitsubishi recommends replacing the cabin air filter at each regular yearly inspection to ensure optimal air quality within the vehicle. The filter is responsible for eliminating pollen, allergens, dust and debris from the air before it enters the vehicle. A clogged cabin air filter will decrease the air flow through the vents and reduce air quality inside the vehicle.

Step 1

Turn the vehicle off and open the passenger side glove compartment box. Remove any items stored in the glove box.

Step 2

Remove the two screws inside the top of the glove compartment box and slide the glove box out of the way. The glove box compartment will not be removed completely but will dangle enough to access the cabin air filter behind it.

Step 3

Locate the cabin air filter housing which is a rectangular, plastic case. Remove the four screws located at the corners of the case using a flat head screwdriver. Remove the case cover by lifting it off of the unit. Pull the cabin air filter out of the retainer clips and discard it.

Step 4

Insert the replacement cabin air filter by sliding it into the retainer clips then replace the case cover. Reinstall the screws in the corners of the air filter housing using the screwdriver. Reposition the glove compartment box into place. Secure the two screws holding the glove box to the dashboard using the flat head screwdriver.

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