How to Change an Air Filter on a Toyota Tacoma

by Jody L. Campbell

Changing an air filter on a Toyota Tacoma is very simple, and by doing so on recommended maintenance schedule intervals, can save you money on fuel and help keep the truck running properly. A replacement filter from Toyota or a premium brand aftermarket replacement filter is recommended for optimum performance and stamina.

Step 1

Pop the hood latch. Lift and prop the hood.

Step 2

Locate the air box. On most Toyota Tacomas, no matter what size engine, it is usually on the right front corner directly behind the right front headlight assembly. There are three or four different options for air boxes, but they are all very simple to open.

Step 3

Unsnap the air box metal tab clips and lift air box cover. If the application is a slide-in air filter, you will have to pull the air filter forward from the top and then lift out.

Step 4

Remove air filter and discard. Inspect the interior of the air box to make sure it is not full of debris. Sometimes in rural areas, it's not all that uncommon to discover a critter nest. Remove with caution and vacuum out air box with a shop vacuum if this is the case.

Step 5

Put in the new filter and place into air box the same way the old one came out. Refasten the air box cover, and be sure it's aligned properly or the snap clips will not lock into place correctly.

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